OTM There Is A Season (KSS Maximus X JDS Mint Julep) 2018 Chestnut filly

April is our resident red head with a but of flash with her white blaze.  This filly is EXTREMELY athletic with her long stride and her slides.  We have watched her canter so naturally collected yet moving sideways.  She is very willing and smart, ready to be worked whatever way someone wants.  Currently priced at $3500.  Her price will go up with work. 


OTM Thy Will Be Done (KSS Maximus x Stonecroft Love Story) 2018 Bay filly.

Grace is a tall, beautiful girl that just stands out!  The last daughter out of Love Story, the full sister to Stonecroft Byzantine, we have high expectations for her future.  While we don't want to see her go, if the right home came along we might be talked into it.  Currently priced at $20,000.  Her price will go up with work.  


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